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Office Interface: Workspace

On the HELiOS Ribbon of your MS Office interface you can find the Workspace button.

In the dialogue window that you call with this function, all documents in the session will be listed.

A checkmark in the Loaded column indicates that a document is currently open in the Office application that is linked to HELiOS.

Furthermore, attributes of the document are displayed (e.g. Document number and Document type).

In the Changed, local column the symbol indicates that a document has been changed locally and saved since its last synchronization with HELiOS.

(If the exact status of a HELiOS document cannot be determined (e.g. due to an error), a question mark will be shown here.

At the top of the window you can, as you already know from result list configuration, click on the icon to add or remove result list attributes, or save the configurations as Favourites and load them again.

Click to apply the edits of a document (changes will be saved and the editing will be ended). Click to cancel editing (the document will be closed without saving the changes) Click to remove the marked document from the session; a prerequisite for this is that is currently not open on your computer.

Multiple selections are also possible.

Besides, right-clicking a result list row in the window opens a complete HELiOS document context menu, allowing you to open documents in the corresponding Office application (right-click and choose Open + Edit). Double-clicking a row opens the associated HELiOS document detail window.


Please note:

For documents that are linked to more than one article, all combinations of articles and documents will be shown in the Workspace.

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