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Convert to Standard Itemisation

Konstruktion > Positionierung/Detaillierung > Pos... > ... zur Standard-Positionierung

With this function the itemisation of drawings using the mode Itemisation up to HiCAD 2017 can be converted into the mode Standard Itemisation (as of HiCAD 2018).

This is possible for drawings created with a version before HiCAD 2019 and which have been -at least partially- itemised with the old mode. Otherwise, this function is greyed out.

After calling the function the conversion starts immediately. This will proceed as follows:

If settings or item numbers cannot be taken over unmodified, an according notification will be displayed, such as:

By clicking OK the dialogue of Itemisation with options opens. There you are allowed to check the settings, created new item numbers etc.


If you click on Cancel the conversion will not be taken over, i.e. the Itemisation mode of the drawing is still Itemisation up to HiCAD 2017.

By clicking OK the conversion starts. After that a migration log will show warnings, occured errors etc.

The representation can be modified in the dialogue via the symbols on the left.

The migration log can be exported as CSV file via the symbol above.


Only by clicking on OK the conversion will be performed.

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