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This page provides you with links to the Online Helps* for our products HiCAD (2-D/3-D for all industries) and HELiOS (PDM/PLM) and other tools. In addition, you will find links to other important documents here, such as the "Installation Notes" etc.

* As the help is updated regularly, you should clear the browser cache from time to time - especially after updating to a new major release or service pack.

Please note our current information

Discontinuation of length measurements deviating from mm

HiCAD 2021 and 2022 only support drawings with the unit of measurement “Millimetres” (mm). The unit of measurement is saved in the corresponding SZA, FGA or KRA file when saving a drawing or a part. Attempts to open drawings with a different unit of measurement or to insert parts with a unit of measurement different from mm will be blocked.

Discontinuation of Windows® 7 and 8

Microsoft® will cease the support for Windows by January 2020. Due to compability matters HiCAD 2020 SP2 and HELiOS 2020 SP2 will thus be the final versions of our CAD and PDM systems which support Windows® 7. The corresponding server operating systems (Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 or older) as well as Windows® 8 will then no longer be supported either.

Discontinuation of "old" HiCAD itemisation

As of HiCAD 2019 the "old" itemisation, i.e. the itemisation that was used up to HiCAD 2017, will only be available for model drawings that were already itemized with these functions. From HiCAD 2021 onwards, only the "new" itemization will be supported. Please also read the information given in the

Discontinuation of "old" OpenGL versions

From HiCAD 2021 on, only OpenGL version 4.3 is used in all HiCAD modules. Until now this was only the case with the module HiCAD Point Cloud. This means that HiCAD 2021 can only be run on computers whose graphics card supports OpenGL Version 4.3 or higher. To avoid possible problems with onboard graphics cards, we recommend using a stand-alone graphics card. Further information can be found in the HiCAD 2021 News.

Discontinuation of the ISD.PDM.API

Before carrying out a HELiOS update for an older HiCAD version, please note that from HELiOS 2022 omwards, the previous ISD.PDM.API will be discontinued and replaced by the new API from Helios.Interface. If you use customisations that use functionalities from the previous ISD.PDM.API, you must update the customisations to the new API before carrying out the HELiOS update.

New Mask Editor in HELiOS 2020

In HELiOS 2020, the previous mask format has been changed from .msk to .xml, parallel to the revision of the mask editor. In addition, mask files are now managed outside the installation directory, resulting in some changes in the system architecture that administrators should urgently consider. Before updating to HiCAD / HELiOS 2020 or 2021, please read the installation instructions carefully.

Discontinuation of Oracle

As of HELiOS 2022 (Version2700), Oracle will no longer be officially supported as a database system! Please migrate to a SQL Server as soon as possible.

Discontinuation of HELiOS 32-Bit and HiCAD Viewer 32-Bit

As of HELiOS 2022 (Version number 2700.0) there will no longer be a 32-Bit version available for HELiOS and HiCAD Viewer. However, the interface to 32-Bit applications such as Office will still be possible and is not affected by the discontinuation of the 32-Bit installation of HELiOS.

Discontinuation of Mircosoft Office 2010 interface

From HELiOS 2021 (Version number 2600.0) on, we will no longer support Office 2010 in the HELiOS – Office interface.


From HELiOS 2023, information on the HiCAD sheet structure will be used for printing SZA files via HELiOS. From now on, this information will also be transferred to HELiOS when saving an SZA. For inventory data that has not yet been resaved, this information is still missing and printing via HELiOS is not possible.

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